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Incredible performance!

Have had 36 volt for over 8 months with incredible performance. Can not believe how little batter discharges after 10 hrs on the water.

Excellent products and excellent service

We are extremely happy with our 36V lithium battery. It is an excellent product.

Great charger

Thank you for standing behind your product and replacing the original charger with one that works very well. Great job of customer service !

Replaced Battery

My 36v 100ah Battery was replaced at no charge including shipping
And replacement is great
Thanks Capt. Ron

Great charger!!

Easy to use and works great for Astro lithium and batteries are top notch!!!


Great product!


This battery is way more than I expected. Bluetooth capabilities are a must, I would said after experience the versatility and the peace a mind that it would bring. Knowing that my clients could fish couple more hours and my trolling motor will never stop !

New dealer

We are setup as a new dealer and never received any displays banners or batteries.


Have we received all four batteries? What is the status?

I need to return it. I needed a 36 v charger.


Battery performance is incredible! Customer service is top notch.

Great Product and even better customer service

Love the Battery it works perfectly for my trolling motor. Also the customer service is second to none. I have had nothing but a great experience with Astro Lithium and would recommend them to anyone!


This charger keeps me working. I'm guide and depend on my batteries to be fully charged every day and now I have no worries about that. very easy to set up and use.

Great product

Very well constructed and works fast

12v 100Ah Lithium Battery
Casey A.
Great battery

I have 2 of the 12v 100ah and they are great run all day and the main thing for me was the smaller size for my boat work flawlessly

36 volt 60 ah lithium

I run 2 batteries parallel and I can troll 2 full days on 1 charge. Extremely fast charging. Top notch customer service!

Minn Kota

Purchased the 36 Volt 100 ah battery to replace 3 lead acid batteries. I have used it multiple times and has always performed as it should. The customer service is excellent with calling with questions prior to my purchase. Wish I had the Bluetooth monitoring like the new version but I have gone 3 days of fishing with out a charge and have not had a problem.

36 volts 60 amp hours

Great product, worked out perfect for my 26 ft bay boat. Called the company and they answered tjhe questions I had. Decided to order it, it arrived 2 days later. 100% recommended.

Astro lifepo4 12v 54h Dual Purpose battery

The 12v 54h dual purpose lifepo4 astro battery did not work in my particular application starting and supplying a constant power source for my 2016 f70 yamaha outboard. My engine would spike volts at WOT higher than the bms would allow which would then shut down the battery to protect itself which then stalled the engine. I gave five stars due to the company's customer service. Oliver from Astro worked dilligently with me to find a solution. Unfortunately, we did not get it to work in my application, so Astro provided a full refund and return shipping. The battery operated within their stated specifications and their service was impeccable. I recommend Astro and their team for your lifepo4 battery needs. Thank you to Oliver and the whole Team at Astro.

12v 100Ah Lithium Battery
Doug T.

12v 100Ah Lithium Battery

Astro Lithium Battery

So far this battery has done everything they claimed it would. Other than the trolling motor, it runs 3 Helix 12s, Mega 360 and everything else on my 2019 ZX 250. It’s summer here in Florida and we run our live wells wide open ALL DAY and my ASTRO LITHIUM Battery never skips a beat.

36V 60Ah Lithium Battery

12v 100Ah Lithium Battery
Michael A.
Awesome Batteries

Purchased 2 100ah for my skiffs’ trolling motor. Impressed by the weight, performance during all day trips. Also, installed a Noco 3 bank charger for the lithiums and the house battery (AGM). Great set up and batteries.

Almost perfect !!

I was hoping to get a few more hours run time on my electronics however, I’ll probably need to upgrade my AH as I’m pulling a considerable amount of amps.
I also have your 36v100ah and it’s a powerhouse for my troll motor.
Would highly recommend.

has been a great change, faster charging,less current for charger saving KWH, faster cart speed and faster acceleration, Love it!