Why Fisherman Are Switching to Lithium Batteries

Many anglers have heard about lithium batteries but do not understand why so many people are excited about them. When you look at the statistics, the United States alone generates more than $1.8 billion in revenue through the lithium battery manufacturing industry. But why do so many people prefer lithium battery options to older alternatives? 

Lithium batteries provide a wide variety of benefits. Not everyone is sure before they see a marine lithium battery in action if it will make a significant difference to them. However, after seeing what a marine lithium battery can do in person, it becomes much more obvious why so many fishing fanatics prefer them. 

As time goes by, more fishing expeditions will rely on marine lithium batteries and enjoy the benefits of doing so. So, what is so great about lithium batteries, and what advantages can they provide? 

Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about how lithium batteries represent an advancement in marine battery technology! 

Lead Acid Battery Options Are Becoming Obsolete 

Many people think of choosing between lead acid and lithium batteries as a little bit like choosing between different types of cereal. They imagine that everyone has their preferred option, and every option has its own pros and cons. 

However, buying a marine lithium battery is more like choosing to buy a flat-screen television rather than an old box television. After all, lithium battery technology is more advanced and enjoys the benefits of more modern manufacturing processes. 

As a result, lead acid batteries are riding more on momentum than on the benefits they provide. In every significant respect, lithium battery options simply provide better performance than old-fashioned lead acid battery designs. 

It used to be that lead acid batteries were the only option on the market. However, now that there are multiple options, more people are beginning to think of lead acid battery options as obsolete. 

Lithium Outdoor Batteries Are Lighter 

The first advantage of marine lithium batteries is that they weigh less. This provides several benefits. 

First, lithium batteries are easier to handle and maneuver during installation. That also applies if you ever need to replace one or need to take it out of your boat for another reason. Of course, a lighter battery also means, all else equal, your boat will be able to move more easily and may even reach higher speeds. 

You will also have extra weight capacity left over in your boat for holding more materials. At the end of the day, if you can choose between two products that do the same thing, but one is less bulky, there is no reason to go with a heavier option. 

Of course, in the case of lithium batteries compared to lead acid alternatives, all else is not equal. Lithium batteries provide other advantages in performance as well. 

Enjoy Types of Batteries That Last Longer 

Marine lithium batteries last longer than lead acid alternatives. Some fishing fans have learned to cut their trips short as their old lead acid batteries start to run out of juice. Some people even end up thinking of fishing trips in terms of the time limit placed on them by lead acid batteries. 

However, you should not have to set the length of your trips based on how long your battery lasts. You may be able to enjoy your trips even more if you can remove that constraint. Marine lithium batteries provide much more charge than lead acid alternatives. 

Not only does that mean that you can enjoy longer fishing trips, but it means that you can be less careful about using up some of the juice in your battery. Some people have learned to avoid using unnecessary energy while they are fishing so that the trip can last as long as possible before the battery dies. 

With a more advanced marine lithium battery, you can relax more and stop worrying about running out of juice. So how much longer does a marine lithium battery last compared to old fashioned lead acid battery alternatives? On a single charge, a marine lithium battery can provide a solid 8 continuous hours of use when operating a trolling motor! 

Lithium Batteries Have a Longer Lifespan 

Many people are used to trading between different pros and cons when they consider their options for batteries. Because lithium batteries last longer and are lighter, some people imagine that they must have downsides like a shorter lifespan. 

However, remember that lithium batteries use more advanced technology. The truth is that lithium batteries provide all these benefits while also enjoying a much longer lifespan. 

One way to measure the lifespan of a battery is to check how many times you can recharge it before it stops providing a good charge. A lead acid battery may only provide a few hundred cycles before it starts to degrade in quality. In contrast, lithium batteries provide thousands of cycles worth of charge! 

In many cases, you can use a lithium battery as much as you want for 10 years before it starts to degrade in quality. Even then, it will provide a good charge for years longer. 

Lithium Batteries Are More Energy Efficient 

Another great benefit of lithium batteries is that they are more efficient with energy. In recent months, many people have been worrying increasingly about energy bills. 

Traditional sources of energy have become less available due to international unrest. As prices go higher, the cost of charging and recharging a battery will also go higher. However, you can minimize this increased expense with a marine lithium battery. 

Marine lithium batteries use less total energy to provide you with the same amount of use that a lead acid battery provides. Not only do lithium batteries use less energy to charge, but they also charge faster. 

You can often recharge a marine lithium battery to full charge in as little as a few hours. Many people have had to delay fishing trips when they forget to give their battery enough time to charge in advance. With a marine lithium battery, you can start charging and have a battery that is ready to go within the morning! 

Lithium Batteries Come with Better Warranties 

Many people appreciate hearing about the superior lifespans and performance of lithium batteries. 

However, some people wonder if it is only hype. However, you can look at the warranties to answer that question. Marine lithium batteries come with warranties that show the confidence that experts have regarding lithium lifespan and performance. 

When you buy a marine lithium battery, you will get a far superior warranty compared to a lead acid alternative. For example, Astro Lithium batteries come with an 8-year warranty. 

Lithium Options Can Save You Money in the Long Run 

One of the main reasons not everyone buys marine lithium batteries is that they cost more. However, it is important to distinguish between costing more at the time of purchase and costing more in general. 

The truth is that lithium batteries cost less when you look at costs over several years. You will pay more for a lithium battery when you first buy it. But you will then start saving money in a few different ways. 

First, you will use less electrical energy to charge your battery. Second, and even more important, your battery will last many years longer than a lead acid alternative. That means that you will not have to spend money on replacing a lithium battery as often. 

Save Time on Replacing Marine Batteries 

The fact that marine lithium batteries last longer also means that you will save time. What happens if you have a lead acid battery that dies every two or three years? You must go through the tedious process of replacing the battery every two or three years. 

With a lithium battery, you can install it and forget about it for years longer. In fact, by the time a lithium battery starts to degrade in performance, you may be more inclined to replace your boat than the battery! 

There is no contest when you account for the time and cost savings in the long run. The superior performance of lithium batteries means that they are the finest choice for fishing trips! 

Understand Why Bass Fishermen Are Switching to Marine Lithium Battery Options 

As you learn more about marine lithium battery options, you will be able to appreciate more why so many anglers are switching over to them. Although some battery purchase decisions come down to a question of personal preference, lithium batteries are an advancement in technology, so they are better for every practical situation. 

To learn more about how you can find great marine lithium batteries to improve your fishing experience, reach out and get in touch with Astro Lithium here at any time! 

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