What Makes our Warranty Different

The lithium battery industry still a new industry and many companies are doing what they can to gain a competitive advantage. One strategy that is commonly used in lithium battery sales is misleading warranty statements.

It may seem like some of our competitors offer longer warranty periods than Astro Lithium. However, when reading the fine print, you may find that their definition of "warranty" does not match up with your own.

Several competitors offer warranties that are 8, 9, 10 or even 11 years long. They love to advertise that fact every chance they get. However, upon reading the fine print you will find that in most cases more than half of that warranty period is a gimmick. Some will charge $150 per hour for labor to repair a battery for years 5 through 10 of their warranty. Others will simply offer a discount, usually around 30%, towards the purchase of a new battery. 

Here at Astro Lithium, when we say something is under warranty, we mean it. If any of our products are within their warranty period, we will repair, replace or offer 100% store credit when necessary. No Gimmicks. No labor charges. No half-hearted discounts towards other products. 

So at face value, our 8 year warranty may seem shorter than competitors, but we honor the entire battery for the entire duration of that 8 year period. Most competitors only offer that for the first 3 to 5 years of their "warranty" period. 

If you have any questions about our warranty period or anything else battery related, give us a call at 888-211-7616 or email us at info@astrolithium.com.

To read about our warranty/return process, please go here.

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