Selecting the Right Trolling Motor Battery

Lithium batteries have significantly improved the trolling motor game. As a result, the decision to go lithium for your next set of batteries is an easy one. Picking out exactly which lithium battery might not be quite as easy.  

Between manufacturer recommendations, lithium battery marketing, and your friend next door telling you about his new setup, things can feel overwhelming.  

Here at Astro Lithium, we want to make that process easy for you as we break down the different demands for trolling motors of all sizes.  

12-Volt Trolling Motors 

The smallest commercially produced trolling motors operate on 12 volts. These trolling motors are generally used on kayaks and small jon boats. They are great for fishing in small lakes and ponds that do not produce strong currents or have a lot of grass to cut through. Below is a chart of recommendations for Astro Lithium batteries for corresponding 12 volt trolling motors.  

Motor Thrust Rating 

Recommended Battery 

30 lbs. 

12V 54Ah 

40 lbs. 

12V 54Ah 

55 lbs. 

12V 54Ah 

12V 100Ah 


24-Volt Trolling Motors 

The next step in trolling motors is 24 volts. These trolling motors are commonly found in bass boats and smaller center console boats. They are a great combination of power and efficiency without jumping up to a 36-volt system.  

Motor Thrust Rating 

Recommend Battery 

70 lbs. 

12V 54Ah (2) 

12V 100Ah (2) 

24V 50Ah 

80 lbs.  

12V 100Ah (2) 


36-Volt Trolling Motors 

The biggest in the bunch are the 36-volt trolling motors. These are for the hardcore fishing enthusiasts who routinely chop through the grass or hold a spot in a strong current. You will find that most professional anglers are running 36-volt systems regardless of the type of boat, from bass fishing all the way up to 40’ center consoles.  

Motor Thrust Rating 

Recommended Battery 

Up to 120 lbs. 

12V 54Ah (3) 

12V 100Ah (3) 

36V 60Ah 

36V 100Ah 


Multiple Batteries in Series vs. Single Battery? 

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is what is the difference between running multiple batteries in series to achieve 24V or 36V versus using a single battery. For example, should I have three 12V 100Ah batteries or a single 36V 100Ah battery for my trolling motor?  

The answer is truly a personal preference. From a performance standpoint, there is no difference. Inside a lithium battery case are dozens of smaller individual cells that are already run together in series to create a larger voltage, whether it be 12 or 36 volts. So, when you take three batteries and tie them together in series, you are simply doing the same thing that is already done inside a single 36-volt battery.  

What are the advantages of each choice? We have outlined a few of these for you here.  


Multiple Batteries in Series 

Single Battery 

  • More likely to integrate with your existing onboard charger 
  • More flexibility. Example: remove a battery to power other 12-volt electronics in a pinch 
  • Easy to upgrade a 24-volt system to a 36-volt system by just adding 1 battery 
  • Easier installation 
  • Save space 
  • Lower cost per Amp-Hour 


Our lithium batteries are great for anything with a trolling motor, from kayaks fishing in a stream to 40’ center consoles fishing the continental shelf on an overnight trip. Both can benefit from the superior performance of Astro Lithium batteries. If you have additional questions about which battery is right for you, just reach out and let us know.  


  • Melaine Quong

    Dear owner, Your posts are always well-supported by facts and figures.

  • Astro Lithium

    Hello Vince, no we do not recommend using our 24V batteries for golf carts. Those batteries do not have high enough continuous amp output for golf cart motors. We have a 48V battery that is specifically engineered for golf cart batteries. Check it out!

  • Vince Fulco

    Can I use 2 24 v for 48 v golf cart?

  • Astro Lithium

    Hello Bob, yes our 12V 100Ah battery would be suitable for those specifications. If you have any other questions feel free to email us directly at

  • Bob Jackson

    I need to know if your 12 v 100amp battery will run my Minn Kotta 50 max for 6 hrs at low speed in calm water ?

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