Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lithium batteries better than traditional batteries such as lead acid and AGM batteries?

Yes! The future is Lithium batteries. Lithium is lighter, more efficient, and completely maintenance free. For more about the many advantages of our batteries, check out this page here.

Are Astro Lithium batteries direct replacements for the SLA or AGM batteries in my boat/RV/golf cart?

Yes, our batteries are designed to be drop in replacements for all of your deep cycle needs. If you have any questions about your voltage or Ah requirements please contact us directly by phone at 888-211-7616 or email at

Can Astro Lithium batteries be used in series or parallel?

Yes, our batteries are great for operating in series or parallel applications. To learn more about series or parallel operations, check out our blog post here.

Are Lithium batteries safe?

LFP batteries are very safe. When we hear about lithium battery fires, those are related to Lithium-Ion batteries. Our batteries are Lithium Iron Phosphate and use a different chemistry that is much more stable.

Lithium iron phosphate has excellent thermal and chemical stability. These batteries stays cool in higher temperatures. They are also incombustible when mishandled during rapid charges and discharges or when there are short circuit issues. Lithium iron phosphate does not experience thermal runaway in the same way that lithium-ion does, as the phosphate cathode will not burn or explode during overcharging or overheating as the battery remains cool.

Why are Astro Lithium battery voltage ratings slighty different than 12 volt, 24 volt, and 36 volt?

While our voltages vary slightly, they are completely fine to work with 12 volt, 24 volt and 36 volt applications.

The variation stems from the nominal voltage of an LiFePO4 cell being 3.2 volts. When assembled in packs, the closest multiples become 12.8 volts, 25.6 volts and 38.4 volts. These voltages are well within the operating limits of 12v, 24v and 36v equipment.

Can your batteries be used as starter batteries?

No, our batteries are strictly for deep cycle applications. We are currently working on developing lithium starter batteries.

I have more questions!

We make it easy to get your questions answered. You can either fill out this contact us form, give us a call at 888-211-7616, or email us at